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Telecom Industry Solution

The Telecom Industry is a solid business area of Kehua Hengsheng. As the “Top 50 of Comprehensive Communication Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises”, Kehua Hengsheng has accumulated rich experience in the implementation of communication/ telecom system projects, and established good cooperative relations with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, etc... Kehua is designated as the major UPS supplier of those major communication operators of full power capacity in China. At the same time, KEHUA brand UPS and inverters are sold abroad and are widely used in foreign telecom industry.

Kehua Solutions:

HVDC Dual Power Solution · Dual Power Parallel Solution · Dual Bus Single Unit Solution · Triple Bus Solution · Modularized Dual Bus Solution

User Value:

Safe and reliable · Environmentally friendly and energy efficient · Comprehensive experience in Telecom Industry · Smart monitoring system · Reduced overall costs

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