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Praised for Quality- A 21 Years’ Story of KEHUA UPS

  • 2017-08-16

21 years ago, an unit of UPS marking KEHUA logo rolled off the production line in Zhangzhou manufacturing base, and then be delivered to Korla City of Xinjiang Province where is 3500 km away. However, its prolonged service life had never been thought of before.


This UPS FR-UK50L was mounted and started its career on September 10th, 1996, applied in a computer room of a branch of an insurance company. The device was to provide an uninterrupted power supply for the IT severs. 


three-phase ups kehua fr-uk series


Thanks to the customer’s standard operation to regulations and KEHUA engineers’ active maintenance, the device runs very well all the while. In June 2017, the customer purchased a new batch of KEHUA UPSs, and this FR-UK50L was still in good working status when disassembled.


“Working for 21 years long really incredible, how can KEHUA make it?” Customer questioned amazedly.


Actually, KEHUA’s quality reputation has been built for almost 3 decades, and here let’s make a further insight into KEHUA workshop to get the answers.


kehua product line


The KEHUA Production System (KPS) has been developed as a lean production management tool, incorporating both external and internal production supply chains. KPS was realized by visualization, informatization and tabulation methods. Insight to the process and production of all products is implemented via a stringent quality control system (QMS), including bar-codes, automatic testing equipment (ATE) and Ongoing Reliability Testing (ORT).


In KEHUA workshop, the “Bar Code System” with ATE (Automatic Testing Equipment) is one of the secret weapons to kill defects and failures occur in production process. On each spare parts and component is attached to a bar code sheet in assembly line, it is an effective method to take good control of the qualified rate and quick trouble shooting. By the individual code, all malfunctions or quality points can be traced by checking this unique “ID”, realizing self-debugging and Quality improvement ensure maximized customer values.


In addition, KEHUA has pretty rigorous testing system to guarantee product quality by 3 test phases: debugging, aging re-debugging test and calibration. Thus a Lean Production system and Bar Code System combined with a production QA system constitutes a total quality management for reliable assurance.


“Quality is the soul of a product” is the philosophy KEHUA all along adheres to. With the company globally expansion and development, KEHUA continues writing his new story and will be renowned overseas with his proven quality and service.   

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