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New Benchmark in Bank System-Kehua Modular Data Center Solution for Hunan Rural Credit Union

  • 2017-11-02

Hunan Rural Credit Union (RCU) is the head office of the administration, business, coordination and service, in charge of hundred branches in cities and counties of the province. It is one of the local biggest banking financial institution whose business covers most of regions in the province.


The booming of non-cash transactions and data comes after the informatization progress, which definitely poses a great challenge to their capacities of data center system. Therefore, the reconstruction and upgrade of the old system is imperative and imminent for the Hunan RCU finance system.

The underlying problems of old data room were disturbing for operators: Racks scattering in a mass, Poor temperature and humidity conditions, lack of secure protection. However, all the problems have been resolved by Kehua “Wise-I” modular data center solution.

The system was completely designed and implemented as B+ standard in an area of 210 m2; Dual power supply of both electricity and diesel genset; Configuring 2 units of 80kW modular UPS in 2N mode; 4 inter-column air-conditioners in “2+2”rotating operation; Intelligent battery monitoring system for O&M.

Fast Deployment

Wise-I modular data center works in single module unit. Each unit integrates of racks, power distribution, cabinet, air-conditioning system, wiring and O&M. All the parts and components are available for fast installation and disassembly.


The large visual screen realizes real-time monitoring and control of the whole system. From data acquisition to operation, it significantly improve the O&M efficiency for customer.

Optimized Wiring

The wiring standard strictly carries out the EMC design requirement of separating high and low voltage, with open aluminum alloy ladder and high-quality cable, guarantee the profession and aesthetics of the wiring system.

Full Life Cycle Service

Kehua insists on the original service for the customer, including design, manufacturing, delivery and O&M. Deriving from the sophisticated project experience in design, engineering and implementation, Kehua actualizes customer value maximally by ensuring smooth completion with high quality.

“In terms of the design and the lead time, Kehua modular data center solution meets our requirements absolutely. This new IT room will become the leading project of leader of the informatization in our bank.” said the IT director of Hunan RCU.

As the solution provider of financial information security and power protection, Kehua offers a wide range of products and solutions including the critical power, modular data center and intelligent monitoring, and the applications covers the financing institutions including the 4 State-owned Banks, Joint-stock Banks, City Commercial Banks, Rural Credit Cooperatives, Postal Savings Banks, Insurance and Securities as follow :

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The IDC project of Oil Field in North China

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