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Kehua UPS System in Hanoi Urban Railway Project

  • 2018-08-02

According to People's Daily Online - International Channel Report: On the afternoon of August 1, Vietnam time, the operation test (hot slip test) between the train and the contact rail was started on the Jiling-Hedong line, the first urban railway project in Hanoi, which was built by Chinese enterprises.

The total length of the Jiling-Hedong Line Urban Rail Project is about 13 kilometers. There are 12 stations in total, all of which are elevated stations. There is a vehicle section on the whole line.

vitnam first urban railway

The success of the hot-slip test indicates that the main line of the project has the operating conditions of the electric train and also shows the Chinese manufacturing, Chinese technology and Chinese equipment to the Vietnamese people.

Kehua sincerely congratulate our kind Vietnamese friends, Vietnamese and Chinese builders. We’re very honored to participate in this project. Kehua provides Low Voltage System Power Solutions to the power supply system with several FR-UK Series UPS in Jiling-Hedong Line Urban Rail Project, guarantee the power stability and security of the metro system.

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia where climate is hot and wet. Kehua’s FR-UK Series UPS system adopts the industry's most mature phase-controlled rectification technology, coupled with superior power devices and inverter modules, intelligent multi-mode battery management technology and rich power management software, enhanced combination cabinet structure to provide high performance for the load Highly reliable sine wave uninterruptible power supply with good cost performance and user base.

transportation ups

In China, one of the fastest growing market of railway transportation, Kehua took over 35% market share. We provide system integration business including ISCS (Integrated Supervision Control System) Solution, Metro BAS (Building Automation System) Solution, PSCADA (Power Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Solution; power supply business including Energy Recycling Solution, Low Voltage System Power Supply Solution, Emergency Power Supply Solution.

Besides above solutions, Kehua is one of the earliest providers of “PV+ Railway” solutions for railway power system in China. Kehua “PV+ Railway” solution is focusing more on the reliabilities and flexibilities

As a professional solutions and equipment provider, Kehua proactively participate in the international cooperation, contribute to global power protection and renewable energy industry. We sincerely invite you to join us, cooperate with us, to build a better world.

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