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Kehua-The Supplier of the 1st 100MW High Voltage Side Distributed Energy Storage Project of State Grid

  • 2018-08-20

After the cascade application energy storage demonstration project of battery decommissioned from Guangzhou Baitu Substation, Kehua becomes the nominated supplier of the first 100MW grid-side distributed energy storage project from State Grid, which means a technical breakthrough in Kehua’s high voltage side energy storage solution.

The project is the first high voltage distributed energy storage demonstration project of the State Grid, and belongs to the State Grid's key demonstration project in the field of energy storage. This project is a significant step in the application of distributed battery energy storage on the high voltage side, which has a major impact on the safe operation of the State Grid's power grid, peak-shaving, and promoting renewable energy consumption.

Furthermore, as the first large-scale high voltage side energy storage application of the State Grid, the project will provide a rich practical basis for the application of on grid energy storage system and the technical standards formulating and management of the energy storage system. This project also has important demonstration significance for the standardized development of the energy storage industry and the development of national energy storage technology.

Based on the years of experience in ESS and innovative commercial ESS application mode, Kehua is now a dominating supplier of energy storage converter. Until now, Kehua’s ESS products and solutions have been widely used around the world, account to 150MW/330MWh. In the future, Kehua will continue to innovate the in-depth high voltage side energy storage in the field of safe operation of grid, peak saving and renewable energy consumption, and promote the ESS solution application in different fields.


KEHUA has experience of 30 years in power conversion and protection industry and is the market leader for solar inverters in China. KEHUA offers a wide range of products and solutions including Central PV System, Distributed PV System, off-grid system and Energy Storage System. Its products and solutions have been widely applied in commercial and industrial users from North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid-East, amounts to 10GW solar installation around the world.

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