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Kehua Claims the Top Rank among the Worldwide Energy Storage Inverter Provider in 2016

  • 2017-12-12

Kehua ranks in the 6th place in global energy storage inverter market according to the Energy Storage Inverter (PCS) Report - 2017” of IHS Markit. In the PCS 10 kW market, the report announces that Kehua is the 5th highest ranked supplier.

As a leader in global information and analysis, IHS Markit provides the global business information for more than 50,000 customers in 120 countries. The “Energy Storage Inverter (PCS) Report - 2017” report was researched over 6 months and provides the only detailed and reliable assessment of the global market. The report has been compiled using IHS Markit’s extensive knowledge and experience in the PV and power electronics industries.

·    In many scenarios, the demand of EES and selection of appropriate EES technologies have been considered to be important and challenging in countries with a relatively small network size and inertia. Kehua offers a wide range of PCS products, utility or commercial ESS single unit PCS capacity range from 50kW to 500 kW, to be a turnkey solution provider, our multifunction EMS, Grid tied-Island seamless switching cabinet, island mode as many as 40 units parallel operation patent technology, various battery and container systems integration, all together with our excellent PCS products help the customer realize widely applications in China, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid-East, various like island micro-grid system, integration of renewable power generation, peak shaving and load levelling, ramping and load following, emergency power backup, frequency & voltage regulation, black-start, transmission and distribution stabilization and so on. In 2016, Kehua PCS was well ahead of domestic brands in US market. For residential ESS market, Kehua SPH series products range from 2~5kW, functions include Self-consumption, Load Shifting, Operation Scheduling, Energy Backup etc., in 2017, Kehua Residential Energy Storage System received greater popularity in Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia markets, help thousands of families realize energy independent and green home life-style.

1.2 MW solar energy storage power station project in Uzbekistan

Kehua Micro Energy Storage System for Shenzhen Futian public transit hub EV charging station


KEHUA TECH has experience of 29 years in power conversion and protection industry and is the market leader for solar inverters in China. KEHUA offers a wide range of products and solutions including Central PV System, Distributed PV System, off-grid system and Energy Storage System. Its products and solutions have been widely applied in commercial and industrial users from North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid-East, amounts to 4.5 GW solar installation around the world.

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