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Great Congratulations on the World's First Quantum Science Experiment Satellite Successful Launched

  • 2016-08-16
China launched the world's first quantum-enabled satellite in the early  morning hours of Tuesday, marking the first step in building a space-based quantum communications network that is virtually un-crackable.

As data center leading solution provider, Kehua has long paid close attention to the development of the national information security, and by working together with China's largest manufacturer of quantum communication equipment and quantum information system service provider – QuantumCTek Co., Ltd., Kehua is committed to the user in various fields such as defense, finance, government affairs, telecom etc. to provide a high security intelligent green data center. At present, Kehua has built cloud data center in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou , provide high security for users in various fields of data center design, construction, operation, leasing, etc. - whole process of cloud infrastructure services.

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